Re: [Emerald] SERV-U DILEMA

PowerNet ( (no email) )
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 16:09:54 -0400

I was pretty sure on the IP, but I can try again.
Are you runnning Win2k server or Win2K advanced server?

If only Win2K server, are you having any trouble with bonding IP's
Just curious cause there was an article out in mid summer about Win2K not=
working well with more than about 30 IP's.
Most thought it was a bug, but of course Microsoft said that it was=


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On 9/15/2000 at 3:59 PM Josh Hillman wrote:

>From: "PowerNet" <>
>>That's the thing. On my NT4 box I am running IIS4 FTP service and Serv-U
>on the same machine.
>>I can't seem to do that with Win2K Advanced server.
>>MS FTP and Serv-u are running on different IP's
>Until a week or so ago, I had them both running on a Windows 2000 Server
>(SP1). I had to move Serv-U to an NT4 SP6a machine because of some kind=
>nasty delay problems with Serv-U. I still don't know what was causing=
>and am working with Rob Beckers to maybe find out what the scoop was.
>Are you sure that Serv-U is running on an IP that's not being used by IIS?
>It has to be specified in the .ini file for ServU.
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>On 9/15/2000 at 12:01 PM Paul Bennett wrote:
>yes it works fine make sure you stop and disable ftp publishing service in
>the services window
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>Subject: [Emerald] SERV-U DILEMA
>We currently run Emerald 2.5/RadiusNT with Serv-U and also use IIS4 on NT4
>Serv-U and IIS4 are on the same NT4 machine and working OK.
>We set up a Win2k Advanced server box and can't get Serv-u and IIS to run=
>the same machine.
>Is anyone doing this?
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