[Emerald] NAS Port Generation on CVX/Contivity 2500

Justin Singh ( justin@networksgy.com )
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 13:10:04 -0300

Hello list

Has anyone see this before ? I am running a contivity 2500 switch with a
CVX 1800. The cvx dynamically builds a tunnel to the contivity, which in
turn queries my radius ports. I have a curious development with the NAS
port creation on the contivity. I would have expected the pool of "virtual"
ports to be recycled when users call in. Instead, the port ID's appear to
increment steadily by two. In other words, lets say port 3 is assigned to a
current session. The next useable port is 5, then 7, then 9...and so on.
This behaviour continues indefinitely until I reboot the contivity switch.
This would not be an issue except that the number of ports defined on the
server table is finite, so that eventually, the users will stop showing up
in the calls online view (because the server port does not exist).

Is there a work around ? Has anyone been able to replicate the same
behaviour, and then define the port assignments on the contivity switch?


Justin Singh

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