Re: [Emerald] I-mail

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 25 Jul 2000 13:24:25 -0700

Daniel Inglish wrote:
> Can Emerald send information on multiple domains to Imail?

Sure. In reality, its Imail that is requesting information about
multiple domains from EmerAuth.

> Situation: We are an ISP with web hosting clients. Not all are using our
> mail default.
> I know I-mail supports virtual hosts, but it would not be automated because
> each host requires
> a database (Emerauth connection)

Not true. When Imail gets information from EmerAuth, its based on
three things:

1) The ExternalSystemID (ESID)
2) The login
3) The Domain

You can easily setup multiple domains and groups in Emerald, to
to the virtual hosts and domains in IMail.

> I am just trying to avoid other users using the wrong domain in their email.
> We also have multiple usernames that are alike i.e..
> etc.

Those are two different users/mailboxes and will be treated as such.

> The way it is set up now with emerauth it would either reject the username
> info or send to both accounts.

If is an alias for, sure. But if they are
setup in Emerald and IMail as seperate domains, they will be treated
as such.


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