RE: [Emerald] SNMP Check Failed

Robert H. Clugston ( (no email) )
Mon, 10 Jul 2000 14:54:09 -0700

It was querying the wrong SNMPuser.
Is this the correct SNMPuser setup for a PM3

Update ServerPorts
Set SNMPUser = '.' + convert(varchar(5), Port+2)
Where ServerID = 3

It seems to work, but I haven't tried ever port :)

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Subject: RE: [Emerald] SNMP Check Failed

> I'm still getting a SNMP check failed error message while
> trying to use
> SNMP concurrency checking. I have configured my PM3's, Emerald
> Admin, and I
> have ran the SQL script required. What else could be the problem?

What is:

1) You SNMPUser setting for each port?

2) You ServerType for the server?

Also, you can run RadiusNT in -x31 mode and it will show you
the SNMP string and such that it is querying. This is useful
to find out if RadiusNT is using what you think it should be.

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