Re: [Emerald] Invoices

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 06 Jul 2000 10:06:35 -0700

Josh Hillman wrote:
> From: "Dale E. Reed Jr." <>
> > You should be creating those as charges/adjustments. Then you can use
> > either the auto-batch or the Manual Invoice Type to pick up those
> > charges for interim invoices.
> I thought charges (adjustments) were only picked up on regular Renewal
> invoices and not manually created invoices (type=manual or renewal). Also,
> bear in mind that manually creating invoices in Emerald 2.5.334 doesn't even
> work (the version currently in the updates directory).
> Interim invoicing would be really handy if you could select that
> individually based on MBR rather than it only working when batch-creating
> invoices. It's pointless to send out an interim invoice for 5 cents for one
> person (balance=0.05), but if someone else has a balance of 25.00, then its
> more reasonable. Unfortunately, because this can only be done via the batch
> process, it's all or none.

I don't think you understand what the interim invoice does. It is NOT
a dunning or late notice. Interim invoices pick up charges/credits on
an account that is not due to be billed (ie, they've paid a year and
9 months to go). If they accure usage charges, you put a charge/credit
the account, etc, rather than waiting 9 months to send them the bill
those new charges, it will create an interim invoice with those new
charges and send it now.


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