[Emerald] USR bugs found

Thu, 6 Jul 2000 11:00:43 +0800

Hi, ive been wondering why some of the users that are logged on, dont show
in the online screen. A quick look at the calls table, reveal that the port
number scheme has been changed by USR.

This is the formula for calculating the NAS Port ID.

(slot # -1)* 256 + (channel#-1)

so if you have a modem in slot#1 channel 3., the nasportid would be

=(1-1)*256 + (3-1)
= 0+2

if you have a modem in slot#3 channel 4, the nasportid would be


by changing the server ports numbering scheme, and then stopping and
restarting the radius service, i could now see all of my logged in users at
the online screen!

Hope this is of use to you guys!


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