RE: [Emerald] Email invoice format issues

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 5 Jul 2000 12:24:46 -0700

> Actually , I found Dale's suggestions
> to be rather handy (I didnt at the time though !).

Sometimes my advice isn't as clear as it might be, but if
you give it a chance, it will usually work. :)

> The report doesnt *look* like it will work but it is
> working nicely now.

Have you tried changing to an 11pt Courier font? Sometimes
that will make it look better as well.

> The ability to alter the details using SQL statements
> from a single report has impressed me greatly,
> coming from the rather ordinary and highly restricted
> invoices we were sending out using 2.2 now the
> restrictions are sadly ones I impose myself :)

Yes. That was one of the long list of improvements over

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