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Kelly Wright ( (no email) )
Wed, 5 Jul 2000 06:37:22 -0500

Is there a email invoice someone has produced they could share so we each
don't have to modify or create on.

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Ray Budavari wrote:
> Ive been having a strange error when emailing invoices to customers in
> that the invoice has some missing characters and or slightly odd formating
> that is not apparent when viewing in Crystal Reports. Im using Emerald
> 2.5 and CR7 and the invoice views and prints fine in CR however after
> mailing the invoice out it looks something like :

There was a pretty long thread on this a while back. I think a couple
of things come out of it:

* For CR7 using a Courier 11pt display for all fonts in the editor
makes the output much more closer.

* The text output is NOT always what it looks like in the editor.
Therefore you might need to make the editor display look wierd
for the text output to be correct. For example, you may need to
move the "Invoice Notice: over some to align it and make some
fields larger to prevent truncation.


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