Re: [Emerald] OID's for a Cisco 5300

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 30 Jun 2000 20:18:44 -0700

"Robert H. Clugston" wrote:
> Can SNMP be used to kick users from the calls table view in emerald? If no,
> why not?

Yes. The Latest Update to RadiusNT V3 will remove incorrect entries
from the Calls On-line view.

> I'm having some trouble understading how to use SNMP with RadiusNT. I've
> enabled SNMP on my Portmasters. I set the readcommunity/writecommunity. I
> added a snmp reader/write entry for my RadiusNT machine. In Emerald I set
> the community the same as on the PM3's. What else do I have to do?

That sounds right. Just need to make sure the SNMP Options are enabled
in RadiusNT admin as well.

> I keep seeing a SQL query being passed around, but where does this go? Do I
> only have to run the query once or does it go in a store procedure. Also,
> does the query change if I'm running NFAS PRI's (I plan on doing this soon.)
> Currently I'm running 4x23B+1D pri's, but hope to change to 1x23b+1D & 3x24B
> in the near future.

I think the only difference here will be that with 23B+1d vs 24b, you'll
a blank space on the 23b+1d. However, if I remember right, the OIDs
stay the


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