RE: [Emerald] ICVerify

Beachlink Administrator ( (no email) )
Mon, 26 Jun 2000 12:31:32 -0400


I have converted all MYY to MMYY by using:

UPDATE MasterAccounts
SET CreditCardExpire = '0' + CreditCardExpire
WHERE CreditCardExpire LIKE '___'

The '___' is three underscores denoting a length of 3. It worked, although
it may not have been the most resourceful way to do it.

Given that, could I do the following???:

UPDATE MasterAccounts
SET CreditCardExpire = SUBSTRING(CreditCardExpire,3,2) +
WHERE CreditCardExpire LIKE '____'

The '____' is four underscores denoting a length of 4.

Again, thanks!

> Dale,
> Back in March, you said that a script to change
> MasterAccounts.CreditCardExpire from MMYY to YYMM would be
> simple. Could you
> please provide that script?
> We are using ICVerify, and I have grown tired of modifying the batch-out
> file every day.
> Currently, all of our CreditCardExpire entries are in MMYY
> format, although
> some are MYY (for example, 302 = March 2002) because the leading
> zeros were
> not entered.
> Thanks in advance...

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