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Can I specify a group specific Invoice and Email Invoice?
Where is that option?


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On 6/21/2000 at 11:54 AM Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:

>> Currently we use Emerald/RadiusNT with Mailsite authenticating against=
the Emerald database and mailsite creates mailboxes automatically.
>> We have only 1 domain for our users.
>> We are loking to add at least 1 domain that we can add users to(unigue=
logins not necessary) We want to manage and bill everything through=
Emerald(both domains).
>> When we do the billing, we would also like unique Invoices for each of=
the domains.
>> I don't have the most current Emerald documentation, but prior docs=
would not tell me step by step how to do this. Can anyone tell me how to=
do this and/or direct me to
>> documentation that can?
>In the Emerald Admin, create the new domain, then create the new group.
>Make sure when creating the new group, you pick the new domain. You
>can also specify a group-specific invoice as well. If you want this
>group to have its own set of user names, check the "unique logins"
>option. Otherwise, the group can not have a login that another group
>In Mailsite, create the new domain. You should then be able to add
>users in Emerald in the new group/domain and have them created in
>The billing procedures don't change. Emerald will handle the details
>on the backend.
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