Re: [Emerald] radiusnt 2.5

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 01 Jun 2000 21:33:43 -0700

Jeremiah Fulbright wrote:
> We are currently trying to use Radius 2.5 with good success, but just
> recently we have been having the problem of it just stopping at diff.
> times..... I tried to debug it, but no success. Only way to keep it from
> crashing so much, was to make a batch file and run it like that..... I hate
> it, but keeps me from having to watchi t......
> What could make Radius as a service just stop and quit?

I would recommend enabling the loggin in the RadiusNT admin (and
define the log files), and then install radcheck. Radcheck will
monitor the RadiusNT service, and restart it if it stops. Read
the note on it carefully, as you must change your DW setting to
prevent DW from putting a message box up.

If you can get the last requests in your debug files to
support before the restart, when can try and pinpoint the cause.


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