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I believe Emerald needs a port per DSL account it's reporting online. Or
else it has no way of referencing the account.

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I've got a question about making Emerald/RadiusNT work with a Cisco 3640 to
do DSL services...

We already have bridged customers on the 3640 with DSL and this morning we
started testing PPPoA using RadiusNT to auth off of... We got it working
but I don't see the customer online... Like I said it's working as the
customer auth'ed OK and even issued a static IP to the customers router...
Customer can surf, retrieve mail, so basically it's working...

Here's what I did...

I configured the the client file in RadiusNT with the IP/secret and
configured the 3640 with the same... I did have to configure the 3640 as a
server in RadiusNT (Emerald) also... When I did I didn't have it add any
ports... Could this be why the customer is not showing up online... and if
so is it possible to fix or because of the setup we won't see them?

Thanks for the help...

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