RE: [Emerald] Ascend TNT calls table

Emerald ( (no email) )
Thu, 1 Jun 2000 08:40:39 -0400

> > Yes, actually I got it figured out. The stupid Ascend unit uses
> port numbers
> > between 1000 and 2000 instead of starting at zero. So I defined
> ports from 0
> > thru 2500 and it works great now. <g> (ok so I didn't know how
> many modems
> > it had)
> What kind of Ascend? You should configure the correct type and
> ports in the Emerlad admin. Having several thousand unused record
> in the servers ports table isn't a good performance choice. :)

It's an Ascend TNT Max and I did try picking the right thing from the
selection in emerald admin but that didn't work. It wasn't until I defined
2500 ports that it started working but after that when I go into emerald
admin it shows as 184 ports for some reason.

When I check the online tab in emerald though it's showing people on port
1000 thru 1600.


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