RE: [NTISP] Post.Office Complaints

Richard Fink ( )
Wed, 10 May 2000 14:26:32 -0700

At 04:19 PM 5/10/2000 +0300, you wrote:
> > - No true mail relaying (spammer) prevention. If the sending
> > domain = one of your own domains then send it. Therefore,
>Not quite true, you can block by domain AND/OR IP address - the spammer would have to spoof one of your IP addresses to be successful.

Hmmm... Try this on your own domain from a library, or outside-
If your domain is, and in your client email program from somewhere else, set your return address to a non-existent address of your domain, say to Also set the appropriate Outgoing Mail Server in your client email setup for your You can send ANY mail your want right through the SMTP Mail Servers running under PostOffice. Is THAT Anti-Relay protection ? Don't think so.

Try it. Is VERY scary. No IP addresses have to be spoofed.

> > - No body, subject, or sender word blocking. Therefore, if the
> > admin. wants to block a particular type of e-mail (based on a
> > word in the subject or body) and redirect (or copy) to another
> > account, you can't do it with Post.Office.
>Tricky one... I like to leave this type of filtering up to the client, EVEN in unusual circumstances (e.g. the recent "ILOVEYOU" chaos)...

Leave it to the client. But also give it to the Mail Server Admin. That takes nothing from the client because many or MOST clients are simply unable to set a filter.


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