Re: [NTISP] Changes with network solutions

Kitt ( )
Sun, 7 May 2000 09:51:32 -0400

It sounds like you are trying to use a name server that is always
registered in the InterNIC databases. If that is the case (and the
same with any registrar) the IP address that you put into the change
form with the name of that domain name server will be ignored since
InterNIC already knows what it is.

You'll need to submit a name server (host) change with Network
Solutions first to change the IP address of that secondary machine.
It will then automatically change the IP address on all domain names
that are using that server. Once that is done any future registations
with that domain server will use the correct IP address.

Hope that helps (and makes sense).


>This may be an off-topic question so any responses would be greatly
>appreciated. We have recently tried to add a secondary dns host to our
>record kept at the problem is that no matter what ip
>address we put in as the name server's ip it always come back as another ip
>address. Even in the confirmation messages it specifies the record to
>modify with the right ip address but then up the top the wrong ip address is
>any help would be great
>Andrew Moss
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