[NTISP] Re-investing in infrastructure

P.J. Patterson ( (no email) )
Fri, 05 May 2000 16:05:30 -0500

I have been using a NT 4 SP6 IIS 4 web server and a separate NT4SP6 SQL 7.0
server setup for a website system I have been supporting, and am ready to
expand. Current usage is about 3000 users a month, and this works fine
except for the peak periods once or twice a month.

So, I am soliciting suggestions for setup of a new system. Here's the

Current plan is:
- a 4-processor, 50GB+ hot swap raid server for SQL 7.0, 1 GB RAM
- 3 Win2K advanced server boxes that will be clustered for the web site.

The web site will be 100% dynamic ASP pages with a lot of read-write to the
SQL server database. I anticipate about 7000 users a month, maybe more.

So, I guess I am looking for feedback on quality machines in these sorts of
configurations, and any other advice or experiences people are willing to
share. Feedback on the proposed configuration is certainly welcome as well...

Feel free to email privately to pj@ctt-inc.com, as this might not be
something everyone on the list is interested in...

Thanks in advance-
P.J. Patterson

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