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I love this stuff. Keep it going guys and gals. I want to read more.

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>Technically, you're correct, except that a T1 is actually 1,536,000
>bits/sec, which everyone rounds up to 1,544,000 bits/sec, and then they
>incorrectly change that to 1.544 megabits/sec. The actual max throughput
>a T1 is 192,000 Kbits/sec or 187.5KB/sec.

Actually, that 8kbps is THERE, as an OOB control channel, similar in nature
(but completely different from) the D channel in a 2B+D ISDN channel.

T1 = DS1 = 24 DS0 channels + "D" channel of 8000 bps

DS0 = 64000 bps

64000 x 24 = 1,536,000 + 8000 = 1,544,000 bps

The reason you need a CSU/DSU for a T1 is to combine and uncombine the 24
DS0's into a single data stream as it leaves and enters your LAN. CSU/DSU
stands for "channelizing services unit/dechannelizing services
unit". Channelizing is the process of taking one LAN stream and splitting
it across the available DS0 channels, for data going
upstream. Dechannelizing takes the inbound data, coming in over 24
channels, and does the reverse.

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