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Try I am not sure they cover the area but they have a great
network... check with


On Fri, 7 Apr 2000, Gary Kliethermes wrote:

> Anyone on this list located in Northern NJ? Specifically, the Hackensack
area? If not, can you recommend anyone?
> I have a client there that owns a lot of apartment buildings in the area
(some are in NYC) and wants to provide high speed access to the tenents. By
"a lot" I mean that they are mainly high rise buildings with over 200
apartments in each building. These are fairly new buildings that supposedly
have network cabling run to each unit, however, I haven't been able to
verify that yet.
> We have been in contact with several ISP's to check on DSL service. Cable
modems are also being looked at. These are easy to do, but it quickly gets
expensive because of the need to purchase routers or cable modems for each
unit. Monthly costs also start to mount when you start looking at 100 to
150 subscribers per building. In other words, they don't scale well.
> I'd like to look at the possibility of bringing in a T1 to each building
and connecting the tenents via ethernet. There would need to be a DHCP
server configured with all the settings so that it's plug and play for the
tenents. There would also need to be a firewall and probably a small
ethernet switch on each floor. Basically, we would need someone local to
the area that could physically setup and install the network.
> Although price is an issue, it isn't the main factor. We need a workable
solution that's scalable, reasonably secure, and reliable. I need to stress
that this is a very important client to me, with lots of high profile
tenents, so I want to be sure that whatever we propose works well.
> Please let me know if this looks to be a workable solution. If you can do
it, if you know someone in the area that can, or if you have other options
that we haven't thought of, please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Gary Kliethermes
> 573-881-4279

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