RE: [NTISP] Caching devices good? bad? Help

Stainforth, Matthew ( (no email) )
Tue, 4 Apr 2000 16:28:30 -0300

Speaking purely from personal experience here...
I did some testing with Novell engineers on their (at the time, beta)
caching product called ICS.=A0 It didn't seem to make a large =
difference in
our T1 usage but it tended to make things a little faster.=A0 At the =
time I
had it working using WCCP so that if the unit failed, it wouldn't =
At the time, the WCCP code was still pretty raw and wasn't quite up to
production quality yet.=A0 I've been told though that it has matured =
nicely and is a very stable product.=A0 The units can only be bought =
vendors in appliance form, apparently.

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Subject: [NTISP] Caching devices good? bad? Help

I manage a medium size ISP (about 9000 users) and we are looking at =
a caching device.=A0 I am looking for what kind of experiences other =
have had
with them.
Does it speed up the pages for the end customer?
Does it cut down on T1 usage?
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