RE: [NTISP] Evaluating NT 4, need DNS clues

Richard K. Marshall ( )
Tue, 7 Mar 2000 02:48:16 -0500

If you a virgin to NT I would highly recommend you skip NT 4 altogether and
get Win2000.. if you're going to tackle a learning curve might as well not
waste time on end of life product.

If you figure out how to integrate your Unix network and DNS with a WIN2K
active directory you will be miles ahead of the game. If you are doing web
based e-commerce on an NT box running IIS 4.0 then you are looking at SAM
based security... You may eventually want to integrate a SQL server on the
network and use NT based security for that as well. If you start with WIN2K
you won't have to learn multiple ways to do things.

That said, if you have your reasons to use NT 4 then...

Windows NT uses DOMAINS which are not the same as and have no relationship
to Internet DNS based DOMAINS. Are you saying you can't ping the addresses
or the machine names?

I assume you have the IP protocol loaded on the NT box, have assigned an IP
address in the same subnet as the 'nix box, assigned the DNS servers
address(es) and the default gateway.

WINS and LMHOSTS are to NETBIOS (Which goes completely away, along with MS
DOMAINS in native WIN2K) what DNS and HOSTS are to TCP/IP connectivity. You
need WINS to map NETBIOS names to addresses.

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Hi folks;
I just fired-up my first NT box and connected it to the existing FreeBSD
(Unix) based lan, during the install of the NT box I selected standalone
option, (because it will primarily be used for web based e-commerce
application). I would like the NT box to use the existing Unix DNS
server and I even edited my DNS config files and added host and reverse
DNS lookup info for the NT box ( I think I am making a blunder here ).
However NT can not be seen by my DNS server and the NT box does not see
the LAN (ping from NT to Unix vise versa fails). During network config.
for NT I selected 'domain' options but the NT box timedout looking for a
WINS server??? (and that's when I decided to ask for NT help).
I realy appreciate any pointers in the right directions or info on how
to integrate NT and Unix servers in the same network ( all they have to
share is DNS and the default gateway!).



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