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Chris Kissinger ( )
Thu, 24 Feb 2000 12:17:12 -0800

There should be... 3.5.x has been out for a while. They have been
talking about the addition of IMAP4 and additional Anti-spam features.
As for delegated administration and better relay mechanisms I'm not
sure. They have been rather open when we've spoken to them on what to
add, and have made some customized versions of procedures.

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Do you know if there will be a new version of Postoffice
for NT

There are really some important things missing like:

- delegated administration
- better relay mechanisms


At 08:09 PM 2/23/2000 , you wrote:
>We use Post.Office primarily for the way it handles
multiple domains &
>aliases. All domains go into a list and emails are in
their own list.
>Aliases can be created using any domain name without
needing to create a
>forward or the other various ways some programs use to
seperate domain
>emails. This was one of our main concerns when we're
dealing with 500+
>domains. The anti-spam features aren't great, just
basic relay settings
>& blocking. (I've been in contact with them and am
working on getting
>DNS lookups and some other various basic tools to add
to anti-spam
>features of it.) It does allow use of NT sam list, as
for import I'm not
>sure what you'll be looking at. Check them out
>let me know if I can help further, we wrote the help
file back when it
>was version 1.92 :)
>Chris Kissinger
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>Subject: [NTISP] ISP class Mail Server
> Hello all,
> We are looking to upgrade our mail server from an
older version of
>MCIS for security issues (spam relays) as well as the
need for web mail
>and better web administration.
> My concern is transferring the users from MCIS to
which ever mail
>server we select, because MCIS uses the NT user manager
for user names
>and passwords. Could anyone suggest a good mail server
or a solution
>that we could implement so we could avoid putting all
the man hours into
>entering thousands of individual accounts and routing
> We are currently looking at Seattle Labs, NT Mail
and Imail but
>would certainly be open to any suggestions you may
> Thanks in advance,
>Gabriel Sponsler
>fax: 831-648-8113
>ph: 831-648-8111
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