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Tue, 1 Feb 2000 02:52:58 +0100

If You have mrtg running and have some SQL-server or similar (I think even
access would serve it but You'll lack the features of SQL like stored procs)
running too, You have just the solution. We simply modified mrtg a little
bit and now it writes its data to the database in the proper form we need.

What we are calculating from it is just what You want:

- monthly Megs up/down
- Bandwith trends
-different time periods (wich day is the heaviest load or so....)
-and finally biling ;-))

Just make use of mrtg write a small SUB in mrtg and voila
Contact me privatly if You need more info...


Bernd Pollinger
X-BOX Online Service GmbH
Berlin, Germany
"Keyboard Error: Press F1 to continue!" ;-)

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Subject: [NTISP] Bandwidth Trending monitor

| I'm looking for something that will monitor bandwidth trending on cisco
| router interfaces. MRTG monitors current & average input/output, what I
| really need is a cost effective solution for monitoring trends (i.e.
| total bandwidth in & out for a month) I know Concord (
| has a product that does this type of monitoring. But $20k isn't cost
| effective just to monitor DSL users. Or if you know anything to get
| trending info for pvc's on an ATM that may work as well.
| tia,
| Chris Kissinger
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