Re: [NTISP] HERE is the whole script I ran THANKS

John Lange ( )
Mon, 31 Jan 2000 16:25:31 -0600

Last Question I Hope, Man am I a Pest (do I right click that or left click?)

Got the Primary Keys created, thanks for the hints.

I tried several times to remove the clustered index. I created with:
create clustered index cdateidx on calls2(calldate)

then renamed the table to calls

I tried:
drop clustered index cdateidx on calls(calldate)
drop index cdateidx on calls(calldate)
drop index calls(calldate),cdateidx

All to no avail. Please give me another hint, or put me out of my misery
and tell me how

You don't know how much I am thanking you already.
JOhn :}

>Just drop the clustered index on calldate (there is already a normal
>index on calldate).

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