Re: [NTISP] Expanding my Drive C: in NT Server 4.0

Jeff Woods ( )
Mon, 31 Jan 2000 14:00:59 -0500

1) Move the swap file off of the boot drive. If you have multiple
spindles (more than one non-boot drive in the system), spread the swap file
over the remaining drives. Make sure your total swap file size is at
least as large as your total RAM plus eleven megs. This is under Control
Panel | System.

2) Look for the file *.DMP in the WINNT directory. Delete it. This will
be a file as large as your RAM plus 11 megs, created the last time your
system went Blue Screen. Disable memory dumps upon critical system
errors, under Control Panel | System -- they aren't needed unless you're
talking to an NT level 2 technician at Microsoft, who needs one to diagnose
a serious problem that results in frequent BSoD's.

At 08:58 AM 1/30/00 -0500, you wrote:
>From: Danny Sinang <>
> > If I do move the data to another disk and use NT's Disk Administrator to
> > expand the disk space, will the data in the original disk need to be
> > ?
>What I meant before was, if it's possible, permanently move stuff off of C
>onto your new drive (different drive letter) to free up space on C. What's
>taking up all of the space on C? One thing you can offload onto the new
>drive on some partitition is the swap file--that usually takes up a
>good-sized chunk of space. I forget exactly where this is done (I'm at home
>and don't have NT on my home computer)--maybe right-click on "My Computer"
>and choose Properties. I think it might be in there somewhere. Changing
>this will require a reboot at sometime.
>Drive C's size cannot be adjusted without involving Partition Magic, and if
>I remember correctly, it's a long process, so the machine would be down for
>a while.
> > Exactly how do I do expansion in Disk Administrator ?
>Let's say your main hard drive has two partitions, drive C and D and you
>want to expand D. You install your second drive and create a couple
>partitions on it also. This is coming from memory here, so I might be off
>slightly, but I think you go into the Disk Administrator, click once on
>drive D, and while holding the control button down, click on one of the
>partitions of the new drive. Now both partitions should be "highlighted" or
>outlined. Right-click on D and I think there's an option to "expand" or
>something. From there, I don't remember what else comes after it, but it's
>pretty straight forward and simple.
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> >
> > > From: Danny Sinang <>
> > > > An NT 4.0 server of mine has only 1 2GB SCSI disk with NTFS
> > > It's
> > > > runninhg low on free disk space already.
> > > >
> > > > Is there a way I can simply plug in a new 4GB hard disk and make it
> > part
> > > of
> > > > drive C: (thus giving me more space) without reformatting my drive C:
> > >
> > > NT's Disk Administrator will allow you to do this with any other
> > partition,
> > > but not C because it is the system partition. In order to do what
> > > wanting to do, you'd have to use Partition Magic, or something similar
> > > it.
> > >
> > > All of our NT servers are using no more than maybe 600 megs on drive
> > C--all
> > > websites, logs, etc. are on different partitions. Maybe you can move
> > > stuff from one drive to another instead of expanding C?
> > >
> > > Josh
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