Re: [NTISP] Looking for SQL Support Group

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 10:56:14 -0500

From: John Lange <>
> Are there any good SQL eMail Groups out there? I have an M$ 6.5 sp5?
> server and database that will not let me truncate the log file. I try and
> it looks like it is working but never reduces the size in the EM. I am
> continually increasing the size of the log device.
> Is there a way to DROP the Log Device and create a new one???

I know of a really indirect/long way of doing this, but you may not need to
do it in the first place. What settings do you have checked in...
Double-click on your database (Emerald, I'm assuming), then click on the
Options tab.
We have the following checked for our Emerald database:
Select into / Bulk copy
No checkpoint on recovery
Truncate log on checkpoint
The last one is probably the most important one for not letting the logs get
out of hand.

For reference, our Data size is 300MB (89MB avail.); our Log size is 50MB
(49.99MB avail). This is on a dual Pentium III 450 with 512MB RAM
(memory=180000 (360MB RAM); tempdb in ram=50MB). We have almost 700,000
records (99% stop records) in our Calls table and everything is still
running as smooth as silk.

Of course, I also have a nice SQL Server 7 box that's been sitting here for
months waiting for me to upgrade our 6.5 SP5a, but getting around to doing
that seems to be a bit of a problem.


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