Re: [NTISP] Combining RadiusNT with mailserver on the same box

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 15 Jan 2000 09:39:59 -0800

> Gulam Chagani wrote:
> Hello folks,
> We are just about to install RadiusNT and Emerald onto our NT network.
> We are having a separate box for SQL/Emerald, the question is would it
> be OK to put RadiusNT on the same box as our mail server (NTMail)
> which server about 2000 mail boxes, assuming we would run it off a
> second NIC ?

You could put RadiusNT on both machines, and not need a second
NIC. RadiusNT reallys doen't have that much overhead or CPU

> Also, how much delay would RRAS/RADIUS/EMERALD authentication
> introduce as compared to a straightfoward NTSAM authentication ?

Emerald is about 20 times faster than authenticating against
the NT SAM.


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