RE: [NTISP] IIS inetinfo.exe problem

Greg ( (no email) )
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 15:57:30 -0800

> : I have a web server with about 20 domains on it (shopping cart
> server with
> : cart32)
> : It has been running for a year now with no problems but last week
> : inetinfo.exe will go to 50% cpu usage and ASP will not function
> and you have
> : to reboot the server .
> : The only thing unique about this server from all our other web
> servers is
> : the fact that all the domains use SSL through our certificate.
> :
> I have read that a system using SSL will be slowed to as little
> as 15% of its
> original capacity due to the intense math calculations that take
> place durring
> the SSL session. That accounts for the cpu usage, not for the
> failure of ASP.
> David Payer

The problem is that when it goes to 50% it never comes back. I found a Patch
the Microsoft site for memory usage in SSL but you have to call to get it so
I thought I would see if any

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