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Chazakis Ioannis ( (no email) )
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 17:29:39 +0200

If your router supports it (i.e. cisco routers with the latest IOS) you can
do traffic shaping.
Using that you can specify how much bandwidth is available to a segment
coming in from either a lan or wan port.
You can also assign priority groups, which are lists defining preference of
a source / protocol over other sources / protocols.
Other solutions include connecting the two lans with HDSL modems and then
playing with the modem speed, or going for a traffic shaper/bandwidth
manager solution.
By my own experience hardware solutions seem to function better, if you can
justify their cost.

Chazakis Ioannis

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>We want to offer internet access to offices in the same building as ours.
>How do we limit their bandwidth if they connec via Ethernet cable ?
>Will FloodGate-1 do the job ? Or can the main router (the one connected to
>the internet) do the job of limiting bandwidth based on source IP addresses

You didn't mention your router but I sense that approach is a bit difficult.

There is a product by that manages bandwidth. I have not used
it but it looks very interesting.

David Payer

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