Re: [NTISP] IP delegation...

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 07 Dec 1999 09:46:41 -0800

"X-BOX/B.P." wrote:
> After all reading I think the only solution is subnetting all Your users or
> using DHCP or not beeing able to control IP-usage of a particular user at
> all. First important question is if You are routing Your users or bridging
> Your users? If You are routing them You MUST assign subnets (and this is
> what I'd prefer..). If You want to avoid the additional work, simply use
> assigned pools and OSPF and write a small script for a website where a user
> could purchase a bigger netmask to be assigned more ip's (standard give him
> a mask of, You know...). Thus, if he wants more IP's he goes
> to Your site and purchases an amount of say 16 IP's. The script changes the
> radius,Tacacs or whatever database and assignes the user the new netmask.
> That's all...its quite easy to do..

I think that a MILD understand, unless you have a whole bunch of
developers at your disposal for the next month or so.... :)


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