RE: [RadiusNT] AcctDelayTime

Graeme Slogrove ( )
Mon, 22 May 2000 15:10:50 +0200

I don't know about the 2.5 series, but have you checked for an update to
Radius 2.5 recently.

May be a known bug.


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-----Original Message-----From: Serkan SUBASI []Sent: 22 May 2000 03:04To: radiusnt@iea-software.comSubject: RE: [RadiusNT] AcctDelayTime

I am talking about the update serverports querywhere statement says that

" AND (DateAdd(Second, 0-2, GetDate()) >= CallDate OR CallDate ISNULL)"

and sometimes serverports does not updated, because of this two seconddifference


> -----Original Message-----> From:> []On Behalf Of Graeme Slogrove> Sent: Monday, May 22, 2000 2:53 PM> To:> Subject: RE: [RadiusNT] AcctDelayTime>>> It just makes sure that the record has been inserted into the calls> database.>> Regards,> Graeme>> ---> Graeme Slogrove, BSc (Eng) Elec (Wits)> Director, Systems Development & Value Added Services> NetActive Internet> Tel: 011-719-0333 Fax: 011-719-0444> Support: 011-719-0300>>>> -----Original Message-----> From: Serkan Subasi []> Sent: 22 May 2000 12:36> To:> Subject: [RadiusNT] AcctDelayTime>>> Hi,>> we are using RadiusNT 2.5.213> SQL 6.5>> below is part of SQL 6.5 trace , and I want to know why the update query> calculates current time minus 2 seconds> as the insert statement shows that AcctDelayTime = 0, where 2 (two) comes> from ?>>> -- 22/05/2000 11:48:12,326 SQL (ID=7, SPID=29, User=bla bla ...> INSERT INTO Calls> (CallDate,AcctStatusType,NASIdentifier,NASPort,AcctDelayTime,Frame> dAddress,U> serName,AcctInputOctets,AcctOutputOctets,AcctSessionID,AcctSessionTime)> VALUES> (GetDate(),2,'',16636,0,'','bca',419,> 593,'15788> ',176)> go> -- 22/05/2000 11:48:12,373 Duration 0,046, CPU 0,015, Reads 1, Writes 0>> -- 22/05/2000 11:48:12,390 SQL (ID=7, SPID=29, User=bla bla ...> UPDATE sp Set sp.Username='bca',sp.AcctStatusType=2,> sp.CallDate=GetDate(),> sp.FramedAddress='', CallerID=NULL,> AcctSessionID='15788' From> Servers s, ServerPorts sp WHERE sp.ServerID = s.ServerID AND> s.IPAddress='' and sp.Port=16636 AND> (DateAdd(Second, 0-2,> GetDate()) >= CallDate OR CallDate IS NULL)> go> -- 22/05/2000 11:48:12,390 Duration 0,000, CPU 0,000, Reads 0, Writes 0>>> thanks in advance>> Serkan SUBASI>>> For more information about this list (including removal) go to:>>> For more information about this list (including removal) go to:>

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