RE: [RadiusNT] SQL Server and RadiusNT

Denny Figuerres ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 Apr 2000 15:30:49 -0700

If I were to build that system a second time I would have do it differently.

I was just documenting an example of one system that I did about 2 1/2 years
ago... I've learned a few tricks in two years.
:- )

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It all depends on where the degradation is coming from. Is it in time taken
for auths, system running high on CPU load, high ram load, major i/o
bottlenecks or even the network link between the NAS boxes and the server ?

Disadvantages - assuming you have a switch between the two machines,
performance will be pretty much the same as running on the box. Cost is a
disadvantage, if that's a factor.

Advantages - more memory for SQL server, less load coming from another
process (radius), semi-redundancy ( if running in odbc / text mode, should
the SQL server fail, auth is still possible), ability to prioritize SQL
server and perhaps two or three more.

One point to mention though. RAID5 for a SQL box that is used for Auth and
Accounting (or just accounting) should be avoided. The write performance of
the transaction log suffers immensely due to the slow write performance of
raid 5 (even on a raid card, unless you have write-back cache enabled on the
card, something not suggested anyway) and can negatively affect performance
between radius and the SQL server.

My two cents worth ;)


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I am running RadiusNT Enterprise and SQL 6.5 on the same server at thistime. The system has handled remarkably well in the past, but it isstarting to show degredation in performance. I am planning to move theradius database over to a new dedicated SQL server and wanted to know theadvantages/disadvantages of separating my Radius and SQL server. Note thatthe existing SQL is dedicated to Radius.


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