RE: [RadiusNT] SQL Server and RadiusNT

Denny Figuerres ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 Apr 2000 11:58:51 -0700

What changed?

You may not need to move it depending on what the conditions are.

For example:

RAM, many folks setup a server with say 128 megs of ram, when your calls
table is small and your number of terminal servers is small that's ok.
But if you have more calls records to manage you may just need more ram for
SQL Server to run well.

If you have not done so checkout information on how to use performance
monitor to view things like:
Cache hit ratio, number of writes, number of reads, number of transactions
and other stats.

Unless you a) have huge numbers of users or b) have a weak server (IE: old
Pentium 100, no raid hardware etc...) you do *have* to split them.

Well in fact there are some arguments why you should (can we say build a
more robust system here )

But if you are just running low on ram well...

In my exp. 128 megs is only enough ram to test SQL server or run a few
hundred accounts.
256 megs or more is 100% better.
Depending on what that box is running NT may need 64 megs just to build a
good "working set" in ram.
Also if you have not changed the default setting SQL server only gets about
16 megs of ram which is *WAY* to low
For any real call logging.

When if first used RadiusNT I've ran logging for 20,000 + accounts on 128
megs by just killing all the "extra" junk and tuning SQL servers ram.
That ran fine for quite a while and the performance began to drag when the
calls table grew to over 2 million records. Even then it was "OK"
So at that point you need to either trim the table or have more ram.

That box by the way was (as I recall):
PII 400
128 Megs
Adaptec ARO-1130 Raid Port
6 4.5 Gig Ultra SCSI Disks in a Raid 5 config with one hot spare.

No Web, Mail,Print, fileshare or other services on that box ...
Just NT,SQL and RadiusNT.

PS: that load was *Accounting* records no authentication was on that box.

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Subject: [RadiusNT] SQL Server and RadiusNT

I am running RadiusNT Enterprise and SQL 6.5 on the same server at this
time. The system has handled remarkably well in the past, but it is
starting to show degredation in performance. I am planning to move the
radius database over to a new dedicated SQL server and wanted to know the
advantages/disadvantages of separating my Radius and SQL server. Note that
the existing SQL is dedicated to Radius.


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