RE: [RadiusNT] Radlogin problems
Wed, 19 Apr 2000 10:25:49 -0400

In your original email you mention the file "servers". This file name should be
"server" (no 's' on the end). That's one thing.

If your running text mode - make sure you have the entry in the
clients file.
If your running an ODBC connection to a database, I believe you need the same
entry in the Servers table.

That's all I can see that would perhaps cause the problem...

Graeme Slogrove <> on 04/19/2000 09:18:54 AM

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Subject: RE: [RadiusNT] Radlogin problems

It's running on 1645.


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If your not using the default radius port 1645 and are configured to use1812,you need to modify your services file.add the lineradius 1812/udp

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