Re: [RadiusNT] Port numbers on a MAX 6000

Randy Martin ( )
Thu, 30 Mar 2000 22:05:04 -0600

At 10:01 PM 3/30/2000 -0500, you wrote:
I know nothing about the 6000 series, but the40xx series manual describes
how the port numbers work.  Here's how they work in the 40xxseries:

T1/PRI    digital         analog
------  -------------  -------------
  1     10101 - 10124  20101 - 20124
  2     10201 - 10224  20201 - 20224
  3     10301 - 10324  20301 - 20324

The first digit represents whether or not it's an analog or digital
connection (1=digital; 2=analog).
The next two digits represent the T1/PRI (WAN port).  I don't knowwhy it's
two digits.
The next two digits represent the T1/PRI channel.

I'd imagine that the 6000 series has some kind of rhyme or reason, butI
don't know what it is.  The docs should say something about it.


Well, that is what the manual says, BUT that's not how the 4000 works! Ihave two MAX 4000's, and both of the return ports numbered starting at 1on WAN port 1 and going to xx depending on how many PRIs you have pluggedin. I had to say that the type of NAS was an Ascend TNT in order for there-port function in Emerald Admin to create the ports correctly.

Do you have personal knowledge of the 40xx MAx generating these types ofport numbers, as described in the manual? If so, what build/version ofthe firmware are you running on the 4000?