[RadiusNT] Port numbers on a MAX 6000

Randy Martin ( IEARadius@austintx.net )
Thu, 30 Mar 2000 20:43:09 -0600

I have two MAX 6000's that are reporting bizarre port numbers via radius.
Here's what the -x15 output from Radius returns when people dial in to
these boxes:

T1/PRI Port 1 on 6000 -- Ports numbered 0-22
T1/PRI Port 2 on 6000 -- Ports numbered 32-54
T1/PRI Port 3 on 6000 -- Ports numbered 1088-1111
T1/PRI Port 4 on 6000 -- Ports numbered 1120-1143

That's 23 ports per PRI. If this isn't the strangest numbering scheme, I
don't know what is :)

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the MAX is reporting these
strange port numbers? I'm right on the verge if hand-coding the port
numbers into the server ports table so I can see who is online, but I
thought I would check before I did it in case there is an easier fix for
this problem.


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