[RadiusNT] Ascend Max3000 and Radius Accounting

Mike Kovacich ( (no email) )
Tue, 28 Mar 2000 12:55:04 -0500

I am still trying to successfully get the MAX3000 to send accounting to
radius server. Authentication is fine. It did work at one time but it
around the time of entering the license I have not been able to get it
again. The MAX is sending the accounting packs to the radius server and
getting refused. Once in a while it is successful starting a record in
calls table but then unsucessful stopping the call. When there is a
talking to the accounting server it gets only so far as I can follow in
debug mode with the attributes but it only gets so far and gives a
Watson error (3 of them).

The event log says the perfctrs.dll cannot be opened. No doubt surrounds
server itself, I have already re-installed radius overtop the previous
install. I am using NT4 sp6a on a P3 450, 120mb of ram.

--Mike Kovacich

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