[RadiusNT] Block time users

Troy Settle ( (no email) )
Thu, 2 Mar 2000 11:14:38 -0500


We're needing to set up some of our users with block time accounts. These
accounts would have a 2 hour daily limit, after which, we bill $.50/hour.

We're using Platypus, and the billing side of this has already been dealt
with. We need some help on the Radius side now.

What we would like to happen, is this:

User logs in, gets assigned a 2 hour limit
User logs out after 1 hour
User logs in, gets assigned a 1 hour limit
User gets kicked off after 1 hour
User logs back in, can stay online as long as they want.

Is this possible to set up? What are the possible pitfalls?



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