[RadiusNT] Memory leak in RadiusNT 2.5.111?

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 25 Feb 2000 15:30:30 -0500

Is there a known memory leak in RadiusNT 2.5.111?

Task Manager shows:
Image Name Mem Usage VM Size Threads
Radius.exe 34260 k 41056 k 5

RadiusNT is used with SQL Server 7 SP1
MDAC 2.1 SP2 (will be changing that to MDAC 2.5 in a few minutes)
Ascend Max 40xx units using TAOS 7.0.22

Registry info for RadiusNT (excluding a few items):



For more information about this list (including removal) go to: