Re: [RadiusNT] RadiusNT .209

Nezar Ahmed ( )
Thu, 17 Feb 2000 18:12:43 +0200

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I have AllowMalformed=3 but still some users get timeouts. Does it have
anything to do with hardware being slow or anything ? Or maybe the
database became too big ? It's SQL 6.5 server running on a PIII 450 dual
processor and 384 MB RAM NT server. I frequently re-build the indexes on
the subaccounts table thinking that this might be the problem. The
subacccounts table has over 12,000 records. Is it considered too big ?
Or maybe there is some sort of congestion on my NT machine because it's
connected to a 10 Mbps port ?

Josh Hillman wrote:
> > From: Nezar Ahmed <>
> > I'm having authentication time-out problems starting from version .206
> > and above. Version .175 works fine though. Is there any way I can solve
> > this ? I tried increasing the auth time-out from my NAS but still it
> > didn't work.
> I think I had this problem too. Go into the registry and set
> AllowMalformed=3. Restart RadiusNT and see if the problem goes away.
> Josh
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