[RadiusNT] Max 6230 floods Radiusnt

Fernando M. Kiernan ( (no email) )
Fri, 11 Feb 2000 13:15:29 -0300

We are using RadiusNt from three years ago. Always our NASes were 3COM Tota=
l Control and things were so smooth.
Now we are trying to put in production a Max6230 from Lucent adn we are get=
ting a flood of authentication packets from it. All packets seems to be for=
internal configuration as the UserNames in them are "ipxroute-NasName-1", =
"applebridge-NasName-1" and so on. There are hundreds of these packets a mi=
nute .

Does anybody knows what=B4s happening??

Thanks in advance.

--Fernando KiernanImagenes Digitales S.A.DILHARDfkiernan@dilhard.com.arhttp://www.dilhard.com.ar


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