[RadiusNT] Caching headaches

Greg White ( GWhite@bctelco.com )
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 17:35:10 -0800


We are currently running Radius 3.0.147 on an NT4 SP4 server, and running
into some problems with caching. The problems are as follows:

1. It doesn't seem to be reliably picking up new users or modified

I have gone so far as to modify the RadGetUserCache stored proc so that it
grabs the modified accounts for the entire previous day. The thought here
was that perhaps during times of heavy load, something was keeping Radius
from calling the procedure. We still have occasional times when it doesn't
get the new or modified users.

2. If a login attempt fails, the stored proc that RadiusNT calls is
RadGetUser "username", NULL. Should this be sending the password? It seems
like it is trying to double check the failed user, but of course with a NULL
password, they all fail.

Has anyone else encountered any caching problems like this?

Thank you,

Greg White
Internet Network Administrator
Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone Company

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