[RadiusNT] Login/Password/Online Time summary Info.

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 03:20:15 -0500

Tony Morgan wrote:
> We are in the process of getting our Emerald and RadiusNT up and running
> are very interested in scripts and/or programs that will allow our
> to check usage, change passwords and other account info, as well as other
> information that could help. What items in the contrib folders have most
> you used or are there some better things not listed on the ftp site. Any
> information would be greatly appreciated and some links to examples would
> nice as well.

If your using ASP, I made a simple Login/Password/Time online Summary and
Details Script that works great. You can get it @

Actually it is in IDC Format but if you run the IDC to ASP Converter you get
@ Microsoft's site, you can use it in ASP format. If your having problems,
just e-mail me and I will resend the ASP version to IEA.


Below is to see all the users online and also shows the person's IP Address
and the IP Address is linked to Netmeeting (we use it for support issues
when clients are not capable to do things as we tell them to).


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