Re: [RadiusNT] over login limit

Emad Hazza ( (no email) )
Mon, 07 Feb 2000 10:51:23 +0200

I am using Emerald 2.5.322 with sql server 6.5 and radiusnt 2.5 the nt server
is p3 with 256 mb ram
options enabled on the radiusnt admin are:
mode ODBC
debug ODBC

in advabced config

concurrency control
variable login limit
time banking
server port access
ascend max time

I noticed that most of the time the problem occures when a user connects and
for some reason
the line disconnects straight away.

"Dale E. Reed Jr." wrote:

> Emad Hazza wrote:
> >
> > Can anybody help me with this,
> > users don't get cleared from the calls online when they disconnect, is
> > it a radius problem or a portmaster (pm2) problem. This does not happen
> > with every user .
> It could be a DB problem. You need to give us more information. What
> kind of DB are you using, and what options do you have enabled in the
> RadiusNT admin? What response times are you seeing in -x15 debug mode.
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