RE: [RadiusNT] Quick question

Graeme Slogrove ( )
Fri, 4 Feb 2000 11:00:39 +0200

We setup a similar situation last week, and had the exact same problem.

Turns out they had a filter on their firewall that was only allowing TCP
traffic to return, whilst radius uses UDP, so they never got the return
packets :(


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-----Original Message-----From: Christian Lawrence []Sent: 04 February 2000 04:58To: radiusnt@iea-software.comSubject: [RadiusNT] Quick question

I just wanted to make sure that we are authenticating fine and that itis a problem at our vendors location. This is the radius script that weare being sent from one of our POP's. It seems to me like it isauthenticating but the user is unable to connect. Let me know if this isall good. thanks-->

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