Re: [RadiusNT] Calls Table Information

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 3 Feb 2000 19:05:22 -0500

From: David Sovereen <>
> I just became aware of a problem that has to do with RadiusNT username
> parsing / storage and it's ramifications on our billing system.
> We have Trimname set to 3. That allows users who use their e-mail address
> as their username to log in. It also allows them to log in if they have
> spaces before or after, or if they are using WinNT and have a domain
> defined.
> We like that functionality, because it reduces tech support calls. Entry
> permitted even with mistakes.
> The problem is, the calls are logged into the calls table with the spaces
> and/or domain left intact.

This started I think in 2.5.206. I noticed this behavior also and it causes
problems when looking up calls stats using [username='whoever']. We now
have to use the inexact, [username like '%whoever%'].
I just started using 2.5.209 yesterday, but don't yet know if it's storing
the data in the Calls table "correctly" or not. Prior to I think 2.5.206,
only the real username portion of the login was being stored in the Calls
table--that was great.


> When metered billing takes place, it sees no calls for people who have an
> or a space in their username.
> Is it possible to have RadiusNT store the username as it parses it, not
> the user sends it?
> Dave
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