RE: [RadiusNT] Email and Billing
Fri, 14 Jan 2000 17:37:09 +0800

I am using the following test machine:
emerald is 2.5.322
sql 7.0 sp1
NT 4.0 sp 5

I added an invoice worth 1000.00 to a user with an existing balance of
1000.00. I then run the batch (auto is selected). It ran successfully. Then
i ran the [email] option. It too, ran successfully. The balance should now
be 2000.00

However, when i checked the test mbr's emailbox, i find that the email for
the invoice is incorrect. The previous balance field is still 0 with a
charge of 1000.00 making the total amount due to 1000.00 and not 2000.00!
The previous balance field is incorrect.

I then went in to the mbr and looked at the billing tab to see the updated
balance. It was still 1,000.00 The invoice amount was not reflected.
However, it was reflected in the history tab.

I duplicated the same steps, but this time, instead of [invoice], i used the
[adjustment] with the same amount. Using this , the balance was (eventually)
2,000.00 , the email to the test user shows previous balance of 1000, and
charges of 1000 for a total of 2,000.00 (the invoiced amount of 1000 is
still not reflected).

Can anyone confirm this behavior on their systems?? Or could it be, that i
set some options incorrectly. If, however this is a bug, what is the

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