[RadiusNT] Strange behavior when switching to Text Only Mode

Greg White ( GWhite@bctelco.com )
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 11:39:36 -0800


I don't know whether anyone else has encountered this or not, but I didn't
see anything in the list archives. Using RadiusNT 3.0.147, we started off
in ODBC only mode and selected Concurrency Control and Variable Login
Limits. We needed to run strictly from the text file for a period of time,
so we changed the mode to Text only, saved the config and restarted
RadiusNT. Any time a user attempts to log in, we see the following message
in the debug window:

"Could not allocate a db connection. Check for possible Network or Database

The user is denied access, and receives the error: "user already logged in 0

If we go back to RadiusNT Administrator, change it back to ODBC mode (so the
Advanced tab is once again selectable), remove the check from Concurrency
Control, change it back to Text mode, save, and restart then everything
works fine. It seems as if even in text mode, it is attempting to check for

Thank you,

Greg White
ISP Network Administrator
Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone Company

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