Re: [RadiusNT] .209 broke something

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 04 Jan 2000 09:25:48 -0800

David Sovereen wrote:
> I know the first time I read the message through and checked my tables, I
> *THOUGHT* everything was set up right.
> And as I was writing my nastigram back to Dale saying "I told you it was
> broke", I finally caught on in this paragraph:

Natigram? Ouch. :(

> > Again, this is probably missing columns in your ServerPorts table.
> > 209 adds support for AcctSessionID and CallerID in the ServerPorts
> > table. If you don't have those columns, you will need to add them.
> > You can get the size/types from the calls table.
> There REALLY ARE two completely new columns that need to be added to the
> ServerPorts table. I read the message a couple times and totally missed
> that part. In our calls table, we already collect callerID info and I
> thought he was making some reference to that. But this is a new feature:
> callerID and sessionID in the ServerPorts table (which helps create the
> CallsOnline table). I didn't read Dale's reply thoroughly enough to
> initialy catch on to what he was talking about.

Yeah. These were added because an Ascend/Nortel box needs to have the
ASID during an SNMP Check to resolve whether that user is still on-line
or not. The CallerID was added to bring the Access (internal) queries
inline with SQL Stored Procs.


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