[RadiusNT] Errors are not logged

Garcia Melga Pablo ( pablo.garcia@xlnet.com.ar )
Fri, 3 Dec 1999 22:28:05 -0300

Hi guys, Recently I changed one of my AS Ip Address, for that reason I
change the Servers and the Serverports table.
Well, Now Everything works fine except the RadLogs Table. The Extrange thing
is that the errors such as OverLogin Limits and bad username are logged in
the logfile but not in the Table. This extrange behavior happends in only
one of my Access Servers.
Anybody have any idea of what's going on ?

Thank's in advance.

Att. Pablo F. Garcia Melga
XL-NET HostMaster
Tel: 4819-5170
Fax: 4819-5188
e-mail: pablo.garcia@xlnet.com.ar
ICQ # : 13889842

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